After months of preparation and training the big day is here, for you and your competitors.

Everything is in place; course marking, registration, feed stops. Your athletes are parked, registered and are raring to go. They will be expecting results, both from themselves and you. As soon as they are over the line, they will want fast, accurate results. And it's not just the participants that might want this information, judges and spectators need to be kept informed with placings and split-times.

Added to all the other elements involved in event planning, the timing is a major part and the infrastructure, logistics and experience necessary for a successful event.

Velopace Timing has the experience and infrastructure gained from years of event organising. From grass roots local event, to Elite level fixture, Velopace Timing can provide a complete professional timing service for you, with on-site, hands-on expertise and cutting edge technology to help you deliver your successful event.

Velopace Timing team have the knowledge and experience to provide cost effective and innovative solutions for your event.

Our team can provide:

  • Pre-event consulting
  • Race day support
  • Timing and results systems
  • Commentary and spectator information
  • Live results screens
  • Online live race times updated in real time as competitors cross the line
  • Printed, branded timing result at finish line
  • Online event registration and entry, web, email and social media services

Velopace race timing services takes the pressure off you.

You and Velopace Timing Services, a winning combination!

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Live Race Timing

Our online live race timing service provides a web page with real time results updated as competitors cross the finish line. You can view the very latest results in real time from any device with an internet connection, including mobile phone and tablet.

Click here for live and recent event results.

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